November marks the anniversary of my move from Sydney to Canning Vale and also my membership of Gosnells Golf Club. One of the factors that contributed to the purchase of my new home was its location and accessibility to a quality Golf Club. It has always been a dream of mine to live across the road from my golf club and now that dream has come true.

I am pleasantly surprised at the quality and variation of the course. Whilst our resident Pro may feel that the course is short, I as an amateur find it long enough and enjoyable with it’s layout and variation. It may take me 20 years to actually learn the nuances of the greens but heck I hopefully will enjoy the experience.

I find the quality of the Course high; there are many other golf club members, here and in the Eastern States, that would be more than happy to be able to claim membership of a course of this quality. Gosnells has good tees, fairways, bunkers and greens. The rough is real rough, not pretend rough and to score you need to play well and show course management skills.

Recently, I had a mate visit the Club for a beer or two. His first comment after looking around the surrounds was “Nice Club”. Now this guy is a low handicap member of New South Wales Golf Club, one of Australia’s premier clubs and a former Vice Captain of that Club. His opinion confirms my own that many Clubs /members would give their eye teeth for the facilities such as the spike bar / al fresco and BBQ area with the view and accessibility to drinks, especially on a hot day. In the club house, the décor is acceptable and with new furniture and a fresh paint job, the club house is very pleasant and comfortable. The food provided is very economical and of high quality; in fact my family and I dine at the club most Friday nights. We don’t understand why more members don’t avail themselves of this facility – then again for those of us who do enjoy Brad’s meals please don’t rush to try his menu as we want to be able to continue getting a table.

Overall my membership experience of the last 8 months is very positive and those members I have had the pleasure to play golf with have been really helpful and friendly.

Mike Armstrong

As “one of the quiet majority” it gives me real pleasure to reflect back over my period of time as a member of the Gosnells Golf Club.

I have found the Golf course to be always challenging and extremely well maintained. The Club house and facilities are more than adequate for golfing and socializing. Our staff in administration and behind the bar are friendly, efficient and helpful; our Chef Brad provides us with a variety of good quality food at extremely competitive prices (Friday night dining at the Gosnells Golf Club is the best kept secret in Perth), Golf Pro Andrew LaBrooy enjoys a reputation as one of the best teaching Pros in Perth and his work with junior golfers is outstanding; the weekly competitions are well run and always well attended by members and the Friday night Twilight Competition is a special way to end the week (well done Fuzz, Strop, Horto and all the Friday night crew).

Having recently become a member of “The Left Handed Golfer’s Association” and “The Veterans Association” I have the opportunity to play and socialize at most of the private golf clubs in Perth. The golfers I play with are very generous and extremely complimentary with their comments regarding our club facilities, our price structures for food and beverages and more importantly our golf course.

Every week the course is presented in magnificent condition and well done to Brad, his ground staff and our Green’s Committee. A very special vote of thanks to two of the “Legends” of our club in Merv Blee and Alan MacKenzie for their sterling efforts during all major events but we also have a terrific band of volunteers that exemplify the desire to see the club progress and be a great place to be a member.

In conclusion I cannot think of a better golf club to be a member of or a more challenging golf course to play.

Brian Thompson

Since joining GGC some months ago I have been impressed by the friendliness and camaraderie I have experienced from all the members I have come in contact with.

The course has proved to be very challenging but is always presented in good condition. With its fast greens and challenging par 4,s I consider it one of the best tests of golf in the metro area and would recommend it to prospective new members.

Roy Harris

I take great pleasure in writing of my time at Gosnells Golf Club, which is not difficult, having spent many leisure hours of my life (51 years and I am now 82,) still enjoying the benefits of a private Club and pristine Golf Course. Respecting the Course and repairing your divots is all one has to do.

Add up the amount of time spent on the Golf Course, it is really very cheap entertainment and a wonderful healthy way to spend your leisure time relaxing with a glass of wine at our premises with friends after a round of golf. What a life!!

Ronda Williams
Life Member