Range Balls:

  • $5 for medium bucket (40 balls)
  • $7 for medium bucket (70 balls)
  • $10 for large bucket (100 balls)


Custom Fitting

It can be compared to having a suit made. How many individuals would have the same waist, chest, arm length, neck, body and inside leg measurements? The same can be said for golf club specifications.

What is custom fitting?

Dynamic custom fitting is the establishment of the specifications of a club or a set of clubs for an individual, while that person is actually hitting golf balls. We observe the flight of the ball, as well as the individual’s posture and technique, with this information we will assess:

Shaft length | Shaft flex | Shaft weight | Shaft torque | Shaft kick point | Lie angle
Loft angle | Bounce angle | Grip type | Grip thickness | Set composition

This helps us to ensure that we establish not only the correct specifications for each club, but also that the correct clubs are selected to complete your set. That is why there are not a lot of sets of clubs in the Pro Shop. In over 10 years I am yet to find a “standard” golfer!