2023 Gosnells Open Results

The 2023 Gosnells Open concluded today with winners crowned. The Men’s Champion is Josiah Edwards (GGC) and the Women’s Champion is Celine Chen (JCC).
List of winners:
Men champion – Josiah Edwards (GGC) 137
Men runner up – Joe Buttress (WAGC) 141
Men 3rd place – Ken Gao (MLGC) 143
Men 4th place – Michael Hanrahan Smith (Cottesloe) 145
Men 5th place – Aiden Hassan (RPGC) 148
Men nett winner – Stanley Gibbons (Hartfield GC) 143
Men nett runner up – Terry Gale (GGC) 143
Men nett 3rd – Kloden Brown (RFGC) 144
Women champion – Celine Chen (JCC) 144
Women runner up – Mia Lawson (JCC) 149
Women 3rd place – Sasha Hofman (GGC) 155
Women nett champion – Mai Julius (RPGC) 147
Women nett runner up – Halia Edwards (GGC) 148
Congratulations to all winners! A special thank you to Lee Klomp, GGC member for all the photos taken during the event. Thank you Lee!



More photos of event: 
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