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Gosnells Golf Club offers the following membership options with an accompanying note below for lifestyle membership (points based membership). 

Lifestyle membership 

The lifestyle membership will receive a pro-rata of credits based on the “month” received below. If you join between the 1st – 17th, your points credits will be as per the 1st of that month and if you join between the 18th and the end of the month, your points credit will be that of the following month. 

Our membership runs from 1 July to 30 June every year. 

Timeline of joining (month)  Points Credit
1st July to 17th July 100
18th July to 17th August 92
18th August to 17th September  84
18th September to 17th October  75
18th October to 17th November 67
18th November to 17th December  59
18th December to 17th January 50
18th January to 17th February  42
18th February to 17th March  34
18th March to 17th April  25
18th April to 30 June* TBC*


* Please contact us to organise the relevant points and subscription fee from 18th April to 30 June. Points credit may be provided at a base of 20 points or less. 

Points allocation

Premium day 18H (Thursday AM, Saturday and Sunday): 5 points 

Premium day 9H (Thursday AM, Saturday and Sunday): 3 points

Non premium 18H (Thursday 3PM and all other days): 3 points

Non premium 9H (Thursday 3PM and all other days): 1 point 


No payment plan allowed for lifestyle membership


To receive a quote on your membership fees, click on the relevant membership category and choose your starting date.