Membership Information

The fees below are for the subscription year of 2023/24.

Subscription fees are pro-rata until 30 June 2024.

A nomination fee of $850 applies for all new membership applications. (juniors and social members excluded). Nomination fees can be paid in up to 12 instalments (monthly charge is $71)

Juniors nomination fee is $50.


Membership Category Nomination Fee Subscription Fee

Member Credit

Affiliation Fees Total Levies


(inc nom fee)

7 Day $850 $3,200 $300 $75 $320 $4,745 
Restricted  $850 $2,400 $300 $75 $320 $3,945
Lifestyle (100 pts credit) $850 $1,400 $300 $75 $320 $2,945
Young adult 18-20 $850 $675 $100 $75 $320 $2,020
Young adult 21-24 $850 $1,350 $150 $75 $320 $2,745
Young adult 25-29 $850 $2,280 $250 $75 $320 $3,775
House $50 nil $50 $100
Country $180 $50 $75 $50 $355



*Member credit – Members may use their member credit towards purchases in the pro shop, bar, range balls or carts fees.

We offer instalment options (for subscriptions – excluding lifestyle membership) of twice a year (July and Jan) or 9 monthly instalment charges. Nomination fee ($850) can be paid in up to 12 instalments (monthly charge is $71).

For information on Junior memberships, please visit the Junior page.

Junior intro – access to casual timesheets only and Junior competition times only

Junior U18 – after assessment, access to adult competition timesheet with booking access either 7 days prior or 3 days prior.

Membership Category Nomination Fee Subscription Fee Affiliation Fees  Total Levies Total
Junior intro $205 $75 $0 $280
Junior under 18 $470 $75 $0 $545





Membership Options

7 Day

Play or practice anytime. Access to book in timesheet is 9 days prior at 6pm.


Play on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Can only access the casual timesheet after 3.30pm on Thursday. Access to book in timesheet is 8 days prior at 5pm.


Play up to six games and/or competitions per year (Captain’s discretion).  To be eligible for a country membership you must live beyond a minimum radius of 70km from Gosnells Golf Club. Access to book in timesheet is 8 days prior at 5pm.

Young Adult categories (18 – 29)

Access to course 7 days a week. Access to book in timesheet is 8 days prior at 5pm.


Enjoy the fantastic atmosphere of our magnificent clubhouse and alfresco area. We are open for lunch every day.


Offering the flexibility to play 7 days a week, the Lifestyle Membership is a points-based membership.  A new member in this category is provided with 100 credit points. Access to timesheet is 8 days prior at 5pm. Each time you book a tee time, points are deducted from your account.

Pro rata payment is not applicable for this membership category. Payment must be made in full.

  • Play 7 days a week
  • Perfect for time-poor golfers
  • For golfers who work away frequently or for substantial periods of time
  • Offer a family-friendly solution to fit in with other commitments.

Premium Days (Thursday, Saturday and Sunday) 

18 holes – 5 points 

9 holes – 3 points 

Non-premium Days (Everyday except Thursday, Sat and Sunday)

18 holes – 3 points

9 holes – 1 point 

Membership packages 2023.24 (PDF)

Application Form

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Other Membership Information 

We have strict quota membership numbers so there is NO QUEUE to play on any day on the timesheet. When the booking sheet is open for your category, you can just jump in and book your game. NO TICKETING and NO QUEUE. 

Members are allowed to bring guests (up to 3) every time they play. Each guest are restricted to 6 playing times per financial year. Members and guests must follow the allocation of either casual or competition play on the timesheet. Only member guests with Golflink numbers are allowed to be booked in the competition timesheet and must enter the competition of the day. 

The members guest rates are:

  • 18 holes $50
  • 9 holes $30

Members may revert to non-playing status due to injury or personal reasons but this is restricted to once per financial year. Any changes more than once, requires approval from Board. (Exception – Lifestyle category members can’t suspend their membership or hold their credits for the following year). 

Member prices

Members pay $35 per cart (public is $50 per cart) for 18 holes. 9 hole is $20 for members (public is $25 per cart) 

Members pay $25 per scooter (public is $30) for 18 holes. 

Members receive member-only pricing in the pro shop and in the bar.