Dress Code

We acknowledge that fashions evolve, however the objective remains unchanged, that the standard of dress on the Course and in the Clubhouse reflects the private golf club status and traditions of The Gosnells Golf Club.

The club will ensure a strict adherence to the dress code for all areas including on the course, practice facilities, and in and around the clubhouse.

There are two distinct dress codes for two defined areas

  • Playing on the course, and on the putting green and practice facilities at all times.
  • Clubhouse, alfresco and dining areas (this includes caddies, and non playing visitors and spectators on course).

General Rule – All Areas

Strictly no singlets, tracksuit pants, thongs or flip flops. Clothing that is excessively baggy, faded, worn out, dilapidated clothing is not acceptable.

Unless otherwise specified, mens golf shirts must be tucked in at ALL times.

All Members and Visitors, and Social Golf Groups

A neat and tidy standard of dress is required on the course at all times. Members or Visitors not complying with the dress code may be asked to change, so to avoid embarrassment for you and your guests, please distribute this information (PDF) on the dress code to all playing members of the group. Access to the golf course and practice facilities will be strictly refused with no exceptions.

Clothing is available to purchase in the pro shop when required. 

Members in the same playing group are equally responsible to ensure that everyone in the group complies with the Dress Code, in addition to course care, pace of play and the rules of golf.

Members not complying with the Dress Code will be addressed by staff and may be escalated to the Club Captain and the Disciplinary Committee for recurring offences.

On the Course and Practice Facilities


Men, all golf shirts are required to be tucked into tailored trousers or shorts.  Shirts must be collared, polo style, mock neck, blade neck and turtlenecked shirts; no t-shirt (round necks) or singlets allowed.  Untucked shirts are not permissible (even those designed to be worn untucked).

Women may wear golf shirts untucked (no lower than hip length).

Men & Women Golf branded hoodies are acceptable, non-golf branded are not permissible.


Tailored bottoms. No cargo shorts. No elastic and drawstring shorts. No tracksuits. No denim. No active wear.

Exception: Leggings (which are considered active wear) under bottoms is acceptable.


Golf shoes with moulded soles or soft spikes (metal spikes are not acceptable); Sports shoes (with flat soles) acceptable.

Sock Colours

Socks are preferred to be predominantly in one colour, however any coloured socks and length are acceptable but must be coordinating and fitting with the attire. Multi-coloured socks are acceptable if worn with long trousers and matches the attire worn.

Inside the Clubhouse or Alfresco Area (extended to include non-playing spectators on course)

All hats must be removed before entering the clubhouse

Smart casual wear is the minimum requirement and can include plain t-shirts and denim jeans (not ripped, have holes, dirty or excessively old or faded).

Men are required to have their shirts tucked in unless it is designed to be worn out (the shirt must be hip-length)

Mens golf shirts are to remain tucked in.

Midriffs, tank or singlet tops are not acceptable.

No thongs or crocs or flip flops. Sandals are acceptable. When spectating on course, enclosed footwear is a must.

Hi-vis clothing not allowed.

Children under 8  

Children dressed in neat and casual attire. Suitable footwear is required when on course.


Any person not complying with the above will be asked to purchase appropriate clothing in the pro shop or leave the Club. We want to maintain a high standard of acceptable dress codes on and off the golf course.

Gosnells Golf Club Dress Code (PDF)