Dress Code

High standards are something that the Club prides itself on, Members and visitors are required to conform to standards of dress both on the course and in the clubhouse.


The standard of dress on the course and in the clubhouse must reflect the status and dignity of the Gosnells Golf Club (GGC), acknowledging that it is a members-only club that, properly, requires higher dress standards than those that way operate on public golf course, or in a casual context.

The standards apply to all members and guests albeit that female members and guests will have the additional option to wear tailored skirts.

The constant evolution of fashions makes it impractical to develop comprehensive guidelines that describes what is, and what is not, an appropriate standard of dress.  The GGC’s reputation relies, to some extent, on members exercising sound judgement about their standard of dress and recognizing that the standard described below as a minimum standard.  The standard is intended to be self-regulating. 

In those circumstances, there is no excuse for a member, or a member’s guest, to present themselves at GGC facilities inappropriately dressed. 

The standard will be applied rigidly.

Members and guests must dress in a manner that is generally smart, clean and neat when visiting the Club.

Members are responsible to ensure that their guests are aware of, and meet, the standards set out in this policy.  The GGC recognizes that excluding a person who is not dressed to the required standard causes embarrassment to all concerned.  Members should, as a courtesy to their guests, ensure that there is no occasion for embarrassment.

The policy below does not describe a dress code: it describes a minimum standard (that members, guests and visitors are free to exceed).

On the Course and on the Practice Facilities

Members, guests and visitors must wear clothing and footwear that is either designed and manufactured for playing golf, or that is of substantially the same quality and style of attire that has been manufactured specifically for golf.

Generally (there may be exceptions), the clothing would include:

  • Golf appropriate shirts
  • tailored trousers, shorts or skirts/skorts (female members and female guests only);
  • short or long socks;
  • golf shoes with moulded soles or soft spikes (metal spikes are not acceptable); and
  • belts for trousers and shorts.

Polo shirts that are supporter shirts for other sports, that are comparable in quality and style as a shirt that was made specifically for golf, will meet the required standard.


For males, golf shirts are required to be tucked in to tailored trousers or shorts.  Shirts must be collared, polo style, mock neck, blade neck and turtle necked shirts are all considered appropriate.  Untucked shirts are not permissible.

Females may wear shirts untucked.

Sock Colour

Socks may be of any predominantly single colour to meet the standard.  Patterned socks do not meet the standard.  Unless white; or worn under trousers; socks must finish no higher than the top of the ankle.  


Clothing that carry large logos, symbols or messages, do not meet the standard.

Clubhouse/Members Bar

Members, guests, and visitors must wear smart casual attire, or golf attire, at all times while in the clubhouse or in the members’ bar.  Smart casual attire for men includes closed shoes. 

Smart casual attire for ladies may include leather sandals.  Rubber thongs and hats are not smart casual attire.

Golf shoes are not acceptable in the Dining Room except on special occasions notified by the club. 

Short Visits to the Club

When visiting the Club for a short period of time (5-10 minutes) to attend to business with the golf shop, administration office or collect equipment, members may be dressed in ‘street attire’. 

This concession does not extend to service in the Blee & MacKenzie Lounge, Randall Room or Alfresco area nor the practice facilities.

CLICK HERE to download a copy of the Club’s Dress Code.