July Greens Newsletter

Green’s Update – July 2023
Chairman of Greens, Terry Gale

Quite a lot has occurred over the past two months since the May newsletter. Both the US Open & British Open events have been played and won. The Ashes Test series is on the final day of a thrilling series with the scoreline 2 & 1. The women’s World Cup of soccer is presently being played in Australia whilst the two local AFL teams have had poor seasons to date. Nevertheless, this has not stopped remedial work on the course. Improvements continue on a weekly basis with details as follows:


  1. Bunkers – The fairway bunkers on the 1st have been amalgamated into one large bunker. This will make levelling and maintaining this bunker so much easier in the future.


The front lip on the 11th bunker has been removed and the size of the bunker extended slightly. Further bunkers will be actioned in due course.

Refer to the photos below, which were taken on Saturday morning the first of July. The bottom photo really does sum up the lack of respect that some members have for their fellow members in that the member has actually walked over the rake and not made the slightest effort to rake the bunker. This is absolutely appalling.



Despite repeated attempts to encourage members to rake the bunkers correctly via both this newsletter and the GGC webpage we are still witnessing extremely poor efforts. It is apparent to Greens and Match that a number of members take no pride in their club by the way they treat the course and simply refuse to repair their divots, pitch marks or rake bunkers correctly. To those members, I say “beware”. If you are caught, we shall recommend you front the disciplinary committee.


The club will be preparing a video on how to rake bunkers, and repair divots and pitch marks. These videos will be sent to all members.


When you take the bunker rake into the bunker & drop said rake in the bunker, please ensure that you also rake the area where the teeth marks and handle of the rake make an indentation in the bunker.


  1. Bare areas on Fairways – The ground staff continue to patch bare areas on the fairways and some areas just off the fairways. In addition, some of the wet areas have been vertidrained to enable better drainage over the winter months.


  1. Volunteers – The volunteers [Machines] continue to improve the course by completing the following tasks:
    • Trimmed and removed a number of small gum trees and dead banksias along the LHS of the 18th
    • Removed the Melaleucas behind the 6th [Who knew we had a water tank tucked away behind the small shed].
    • We will now remove the tree stumps to enable the new concrete path to be installed in due course.


  1. Wood piles – All wood piles have been burnt.


  1. Hibiscus – 23 hibiscus bushes have been planted on the LHS of the 13th tee box and on the fence line on the bottom car park. These will eventually provide some coverage along similar lines as the Hibiscus brushes next to the 3rd tee box.


  1. Own a hole concept – Back in July 2015 we implemented the “Own a Hole” concept which worked well in witnessing a vast improvement in divot & pitch mark repairs as well as bunker raking on all holes. We intend to implement the same practice again. Full details will be distributed shortly.


  1. Balls hitting houses or Roads. – We are looking at purchasing signs that will request any golfer who hits a ball onto any road [1st, 2nd & 3rd] or hits a house alongside the warm up range, 10th or 12th fairways to advise the office immediately so that we aware of any complaints. All clubs have signage of this nature.


  1. Ladies Purple tee – The plan is to reinstate the lady’s purple tee on the 9th tee box. With all good intentions this will be completed prior to the end of the calendar year.


  1. Cart paths – Where the club has constructed either concrete or granite dust cart paths, all motorised buggies are to use these paths. For example, motorised carts are NOT to drive down the RHS of the first and park under the peppermint tree or next to the tee box. Motorised carts are to use the concrete path only. No exceptions.


  1. Greens – All greens have been mini-tyned twice and Ninja tyned once. This should assist with drainage over the winter period.


Unfortunately, we still experience golfers who take divots out of our greens. The photo below is of the 8th green and occurred on the 12th of July 2023. Greens and Grounds are doing our best to present our course in the best condition possible, yet we continue to experience members who seem to think any repair work does not apply to them. As indicated above these members should be aware, as at some time in the future we will catch you.