Club Championship Winners 2023

In a rain-soaked day, the Club Championship for 2023 was completed and congratulations to all winners and commiserations to runner-ups on the day. 

Your Club Champions for 2023 are:

Men: Andrew Woods

Women: Sasha Hofman 



Winners of other grades -Men : 

A grade Champion: Randall Heng 

A grade Runner up: Blake Wager

B grade Champion: John Taylor 

B grade Runner up: Johnson Taylor 

C grade Champion: Jordan Gotch 

C grade Runner up: Norm Christie 

Winners of other grades -Women : 

B grade Champion: Sue Park

B grade Runner up: Angsana Dartnell 

A grade winner – Randall Heng 

B grade winner – John Taylor 

C grade winner – Jordan Gotch 

B grade women winner – Sue Park 

A grade champion and runner up: Randall Heng and Blake Wager 

Men champion and runner up: Andrew Woods and Adam Elwell 

Women champion and runner up: Sasha Hofman and Jorja Hinson-Tolchard 


Other notable winners from all grades – Men: 

A grade stroke winner: Valiant Piong 

A grade stroke runner up: Lee Wisson 

A grade nett winner: Dean Lewis 


B grade stroke winner: Terry Gale

B grade stroke runner up: Julian Peppinck 

B grade nett winner: Reolan Naidoo


C grade stroke winner: Simon Podesta

C grade stroke runner up: Graeme Bell

C grade nett winner: Michael Roy 


Other notable winners from all grades – Women: 

A grade stroke winner: Jaedo Jun

A grade stroke runner up: Grace Cheetham 

A grade nett winner: Isabel Wee


B grade nett winner: Sunny Lee