Golden triangle controlled fire burn

Over a number of years Greens & Match have been concerned about the increasing fuel load in the Golden triangle. I.E. The bushland area is bounded by the 15th, 16th & 17th fairways.

Our main issue was, what would occur if an uncontrolled bushfire broke out due to one of the following:

  • Lightning strike.
  • Arsonist
  • A member dropped their cigarette accidentally in this area.

The result could be disastrous for the club as well as local residents. For example:

  • Embers can fly as far as several kilometres & could endanger residential dwellings & other bushland areas surrounding the course.
  • Our pump shed as well as several pump stations located on the southwestern side of the dam could be damaged and or destroyed.
  • As a result of the above the course could be without water for many months which would cause tees, fairways & greens to dry out & die. The course may well be unplayable which would then affect all members.
  • Small animals may perish due to the speed of an uncontrolled bushfire burn.

As a result of the above, we requested the Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade to review our concerns. They concurred with our thoughts. They also indicated that this summer could be one of the worst Bushfire summers on record and with a slow controlled burn the following benefits would apply:

  • All deadwood, undergrowth & wattles would be burnt clearing the area for regeneration.
  • As the wattles on the course are a pest, the club will be able to remove these more easily & quickly.
  • Not all trees will be burnt due to the size of some of the Gum trees.
  • Small animals can escape and outrun the slow controlled burn.

The major issue with the slow controlled burn would be smoke affecting the local residents, however to mitigant this issue is the fact that it is better for the burn to be under the control of the Firies rather than an uncontrolled burn which may result in more smoke & flying embers causing far more damage.

The firies would station one light water tanker on the 16th & 17th holes. The large water tanker would be positioned on the road next to the men’s & women’s 14th tees.

The Firies are only able to provide us with a couple of days’ notice as they are relying upon the weather. Ideally, the controlled burn would occur when a slight South westerly is forecast. They have just advised that the burn will now occur on Tuesday the 12th September 2023. As the course is closed this will not affect any competition play.

Greens took the above proposal to the Board who agreed unanimously to proceed with the slow controlled burn.


Course Management Team