Senior pennant report – White division

Monday 8 April match report. 

New pennant season with some new players in the team and the result did not start as we were hoping for with an away loss to Pinjarra.

Both teams had to play on cored greens which had been done a week before which was not ideal to start the season on.

  1. Out first in a new pairing for the year was Captain Tony with Bob Cush, and after 18 holes the teams could not be separated and the match went the full distance and was all square at the end. Excellent effort by the guys to get a well-deserved half-point.


  1. The new pairing for the year was John the (terminator) O’Connor and Eddie Purrington went up against a team that was well balanced on handicap and gave the boys a well and truly flogging beating John & Eddie 6/5. Not the start that they wanted but sure they will bounce back on Monday at home, and turn the tables on Pinjarra.


  1. Third up was the MVP for the last 2 seasons Rob Pearce & Ken Ferris and things started well just like the previous years, and after 6 holes we were 2 up and playing well, then all of a sudden the wheels started to fall off just like West Coast Eagles, and we lost the next 3 holes to be 1 down after 9 holes. Well things did not get much better on the next 9 holes, as we had our chances to get back to all square after 14 holes but we could not get going again and lost the hole to go 2 down with 4 holes left and in the end the players from Pinjarra proved to steady on the day and won 3-1. A rematch has been arranged for Monday and I am sure we will this time be the winners.


  1. Match 4  Last year team of Michael Smart & Stuart Allen had zero handicap and were up against a team from Pinjarra that had a lot of strokes and used them to their advantage, and made quite a few birdies to win holes where they had strokes on, so it was just like Mission Impossible to win the match when the team from Pinjarra was dropping putts from all over the place. The match was over early in the back 9 with Michael & Stuart being beaten 6/5 . Need to recover form and bounce back on Monday.


  1. Teeing off last was our team of Paul Whelan & Barry Urbano who had a good tussle with Pinjarra and Paul have many strokes to play with and he used them when he needed, to help secure a good win by Gosnells on the day of a 3/2 win our only win on the day. Well done to Paul & Barry.


The next Match is on Monday at Gosnells where we are looking to bounce back with a win.


Match report by,

Rob Pearce