We were pleased to take delivery of 10 new motorised buggies last Friday, which, Members will be pleased to hear, will replace Cart Numbers 1-10.

Our new carts are equipped with rain covers, which were a welcome last Friday and will no doubt be appreciated when we head back to winter.  More importantly though, our new carts have been fitted with lithium powered batteries, which not only charge in only 1.5 hours, but will comfortably drive 36 holes before needing charged, and, through the Lithium technology, will have a far longer shelf life that the batteries our existing carts are fitted with.

The delivery of these carts came in perfect time – 4 of our existing fleet will no longer do a full 18 holes and the remaining 6 are becoming increasingly unreliable due to the age and condition of batteries.  Given the number of batteries in each cart (4) and the cost of replacement, it was decided that the best option was to replace through a leasing program, with an option to purchase at the end of the contract term.

We hope members enjoy the new rides, and of course, request that all motorised carts users observe the conditions of use and minimize potential for damage or excessive wear by keeping carts only on maintained turf areas (excluding tees and greens!).