The Club is deeply saddened to advise of the passing of long term Member – Dot Elliott,  aged 102 years.  Dot was a long term member of the Club at Maddington in 1961 and then moved with the Club in 1963 to our current location.  Dot was Associates Treasurer for 5 years and saw many changes through her years at the Club.  

Dot celebrated her 99th Birthday at the Club over 3 years ago – a celebration held in case she did not make 100, who would have thought she would have made 102!  Vice Captain and good friend, Maureen McPhee delivered flowers and chocolates to Dot on future birthdays, on behalf of the Club’s Associates.  

We extend our deepest sympathies to Dot’s family at this sad time.

Dot’s funeral will be held on Friday 24th May at 12 noon at Fremantle Cemetery in the West Chapel.